Our Mission & Values

We offer a homely meeting place, filled with gardening know-how. A place that inspires this generation and the next, to love and nurture their gardens and homes.

At Mackenzie & Cruickshank, we value:

  • Sharing our knowledge

We stock a quality plant range suited to the Scottish garden and are proud to provide first rate gardening knowledge and advice from our in house plant experts.

  • Inspiring our customers

We are proud of our inspirational up to date displays featuring quality products that assist our customers in creating homes and gardens that they have always aspired to achieve.

  • Creating warmth & homeliness

A safe, well-planned environment with tasty selection of perfect scones and hearty fare. The perfect location to ‘Feel at Home’ and have a catch up with family and friends.

  • Good old fashioned manners

A warm welcome and great service from the whole team.