A Guide to Buying and Planting Trees

A Guide to Buying and Planting Trees

As we enter Autumn we arrive at the optimum time for planting trees. Cooler and wet conditions allow for trees to establish themselves without the arduous need for constant watering in a dry summer.

At Mackenzie & Cruickshank we have many trees to choose from in a wide variety of ornamentals and fruit, to suit all garden areas and sizes.

If you wish for an Autumn feature tree we have many maples, on which the leaves turn a fiery orange/red, and various Rowans that feature an abundance of berries that will attract birds to your garden.

From Autumn into winter we have a selection of Birch which show off their impressive silvery/white trunks. Or how about a winter flowering cherry – Prunus Autumnalis Rosea?

Flowering trees come into their own as we reach spring/summer. Here at M&C we stock ten varieties of Cherry Blossom, from white flowering to various shades of pinks with single and double flowers. And not forgetting Malus Crab Apples, which are full of bloom in spring and produce masses of Crab Apples for late summer.

We also have all your requirements needed for planting and taking care of your tree.

To plant you will need to dig a hole about double the size of the tree’s root ball. Line the hole with Westland Tree and Shrub Compost and place the root ball into the hole, making sure the bottom of the tree stem is level with the top of the hole. Fill the remaining space in the hole with compost so that the tree is firmly in place. Next, a tree stake may need to be driven into the ground to secure the tree in a windy location. To position the stake, be sure the tree can sway in the wind without being damaged, then drive the stake into the ground at the side of the tree which allows swaying in the prevailing wind. Ensure the stake avoids the root ball and the top of the stake is hammered down to the bottom third of the tree. Use a tree tie to attach the tree to the stake. Finish off by mixing a handful of bone meal into the top few inches of compost and water in.

Be aware for aftercare in prolonged dry weather, as the tree will need watering in the growing season until the tree is established. Applying a mulch around the base of the tree in winter such as farmyard manure or bark will help suppress weeds, provide nutrients for the tree, improve soil structure and moisture retention.

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