June's Gardening To-Do List!

General Garden Maintenance 

Weeding - keep on top of weeds to prevent them from taking over your garden. Regular weeding helps your plants get the nutrients and water they need.

Watering - ensure your garden is well-watered, especially during dry spells. Early morning or late evening watering reduces water loss due to evaporation.

Pest Control - monitor for pests such as aphids, slugs and snails. Use treatments as necessary.

Flower Garden 

Deadheading - remove dead flowers from annuals and perennials to encourage further blooming.

Plant Summer Bedding, if not already done.

Pruning - lightly prune spring-flowering shrubs after they have finished blooming to maintain shape and promote healthy growth.

Feeding -Feed plants with a liquid plant feed to promote healthy growth and achieve stunning blooms.

Fruit & Vegetable Garden 

Feeding - feed vegetable plants to promote healthy growth and high yields.

Strawberry Care - keep strawberry plants well-watered and place straw around plants to keep fruit clean and deter slugs.

Netting - Protect soft fruits like raspberries, currants, and gooseberries with netting to keep birds from eating them.

Lawn Care

Feeding - apply a summer lawn feed to promote healthy growth and a lush, green lawn.


Provide fresh water for birds and other wildlife, especially during dry periods.



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